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Turn Around, Don’t Drown — Plus Other Ways to Stay Safe during a Flood

Water can overflow and flood for a slew of reasons, including excessive rain, ice melting from snowcaps, high sea levels and coastal storms. The water accumulation can be slow moving — or come on quickly — destroying everything in its path. “The vast majority of fatalities that we see during severe weather storms today are… Read More »

How to stay positive while dieting

Around this time last year, I kissed dieting goodbye and stopped restricting myself from eating for good. While I never struggled with a pronounced eating disorder, my relationship with food was incredibly unhealthy and I knew I needed a change. So I practiced intuitive eating habits, and since then, I was actually able to lose… Read More »

How long can you stay on garcinia cambogia

Quite like every other health supplement, which is medically approved, the right garcinia cambogia dosage is very important. Today we go deeper in to some of these dosage requirements to help you understand how much of the supplement you need to take for optimum results.. Knowing the right daily dosage of Garcinia Cambogia is very… Read More »