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What diet gives more y chromosomes

Our data suggest that responding during the acquisition phase does not necessarily reveal the motivational differences or sensitivity to reward strength that are being influenced by sex chromosome complement; if these differences in motivation were apparent though not measured, they could, in principle, have led to sex chromosome complement-sensitive rates of habit formation Another study… Read More »

Roboshore optimizes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) usage and makes it more transparent than ever

Digital Workforce Roboshore provides customers with pay-per-use Digital Workers building on the industry-leading multi-technology RPA cloud platform and process maintenance service from Digital Workforce. Helsinki. February 9th 2021: Digital Workforce today announces that its Azure Cloud-based Roboshore service has been adopted by dozens of large organizations since the launch of the service six months ago… Read More »

More Evidence Proves Lockdowns Are a Dangerous Lie

In a peer-reviewed study, researchers found global data do not support lockdowns to restrict the spread of SARS-CoV-21 but, rather, suggested less restrictive interventions could reduce the growth of tested “cases.” As I’ve written, PCR tests don’t distinguish between live viruses and noninfectious viral particles. But, the rising number of positive “cases” have been used… Read More »