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Introducing DocMorris Adipositas Care (Obesity Care), a digital hub empowering people with obesity to find relevant care for a better quality of life

The Novo Nordisk and Zur Rose Group collaboration presents DocMorris Adipositas Care, a digital hub which provides people living with obesity a new way to find the right care. Adipositas Care thoughtfully empowers people living with obesity by enabling them to learn about obesity and discover possible care solutions, to link to specialized advisors, doctors… Read More »

Is No Exam Life Insurance Right For You?

Is No Exam Life Insurance Right For You? No exam life insurance offers fast coverage while allowing you to skip the medical exam. What’s the catch? In some cases, no exam policies can be pricier than traditional policies that do require a medical exam. However, if you are relatively young and healthy, it’s likely that… Read More »

Campus Life in the COVID Era: ‘We’re Missing Out’

Jessica Martin, senior, University of Georgia. Gary Sachs, MD, psychiatrist, Harvard University. George Diebel, sophomore, Hamilton College. Charlie Hunter, sophomore, University of Kentucky. UGA.edu: “UGA reports COVID-19 cases for first full week of class.” Twitter: @universityofga, Sept. 2, 2020. LoHud.com: “Syracuse University suspends 23 students, warns of COVID shut down after large gathering.” SC.edu: “COVID-19… Read More »

Extra virgin olive oil can be life saving

An Australian study is being hailed as an important step forward in preventing heart disease – the leading cause of death around the world. The study led by La Trobe University found consuming extra virgin olive oil every day can significantly reduce blood pressure, a key risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Researchers say the project… Read More »