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Gizmodo planetary health diet

With our oceans changing rapidly, centre theme leader Susa Niiranen warns researchers struggle to keep up. It feels like by the time rolls around, these should be both perfected and widely available at affordable rates. The Guardian: The way we eat is killing us — and the planet. Findings from the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy… Read More »

How COVID-19 has transformed public policy and population health efforts

Photo by d3sign/Getty Images The COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted disparities in our healthcare system and is informing public policy decisions on everything from how the newly unemployed can gain access to health insurance to mental health needs – including those of physicians and nurses. It has also put the focus on funding for hospitals, access… Read More »

How Grocery and Retail Companies Are Delivering Health and Healthcare

The Wall Street Journal featured the grocery chain Kroger in an article yesterday titled, COVID-19 Vaccinations, Tests Give Boost to Kroger’s Health Ambitions. “With 2,250 pharmacies and 220 clinics largely in the Midwest and the southern U.S., Kroger is the fourth-largest pharmacy operator by script count,” the Journal noted, adding details about Walmart, CVS Health,… Read More »